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ideal for indoor use, yet strong enough for outdoor use on smooth, level surfaces

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YBIKE PEWI Walking Buddy
YBIKE Evolve 3-in-1 Tricycle/Balance Bike
YBIKE Explorer 3.0 Go Kart
YBIKE Pewi Stroll Walking Buddy Ride-on

Why YBike?

Build Confidence and Coordination:
Encouraging balance through play is at the heart of our mission. YBIKE products provide a fun and engaging way for your child to enhance their coordination and steering skills. As they navigate at their own pace, they gradually progress towards fundamental bike-riding abilities, boosting their confidence and sense of accomplishment.
Control and Safety in Their Hands:
With YBIKE, your child is in the driver's seat—literally! Being in control of their own actions instills a sense of security and confidence. Our products empower children to take charge, fostering a safe and enjoyable experience as they maneuver and navigate.
Double the Fun, Double the Balance:
One of our standout features is the doubled-up back wheel design, reducing balancing aid and encouraging greater motor skill development. The closely positioned wheels offer less stability, making the bike a thrilling challenge while maintaining utmost safety. YBIKE's delightful instability urges children to develop superior balance skills while embracing the joy of play.
Explore New Adventures:
Once your child masters balance on a flat surface, the adventure continues. YBIKE opens doors to exploring obstacles and different textured surfaces, further fueling their sense of excitement and independence. The journey with YBIKE is about pushing boundaries and discovering the world around them, all while having a blast!
The Art of Balance - Our Philosophy:
At YBIKE, we believe in delivering not just products, but experiences that resonate with both children and parents. Our aesthetically pleasing, high-quality offerings are meticulously designed to promote physical activity, fostering development and independence through play. Join us in teaching children The Art of Balance and watch them thrive in every ride!


Pewi Bikes

Kart & Leap


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Large Wheels For Outdoor Play

Large 125mm motion-powered LED wheels that light up add flair and fun, and an innovative seamless rear brake adds extra control and safety for young riders.


The enhanced version of YBIKEs award-winning 'walking buddy', the Pewi Elite can be used as a ride on, push toy, or walker, by children as young as 9 months

Why to Choose YBike Products

Indoor &
Outdoor Use
YBIKE is perfect for indoor & outdoor play with the non-marking rubber wheels. Our toys can be used with no risk of scratching or marking the floors.
Our unique design allows the parents or rider to fine tune your YBIKE to the right degree of lean, specific to the rider’s weight or riding style.
Development Stages
Pushing, riding, skating! YBIKE helps kids develop important motor & cognitive skills like balance, coordination, strength, confidence, all while at play.

Customer Reviews

img Based on 2297 reviews
Sidra R.
PEWI is awesome! I got it a couple of months ago at the point where my 1y.o. daughter can "walk" while holding my hand…
Samanta R.
This little LEAP cart is a really fun time!!! Smaller adults can even ride it if you put your legs the right way. The seat is pretty comfortable…
Liz T.
My son absolutely LOVES his EVOLVE Ybike! I got it for him for Christmas when he was 1 and 1/2 years old. He rides it to the park, he insists that we take it when we go anywhere ….
Ellie S.
This YBike Pewi gives my son the confidence and freedom to move around and before you know it, he's walking.
Bob M.
This GLX Boost Scooter was a blast for my five-year-old grandson!! Took some getting used to maneuver it. It was the perfect birthday gift!
Jason J.
I bought YBIKE Explorer Go Kart for my 9 year old son's birthday. Everyone loves it so much we have to take timed turns to stop the fighting. We will be buying more.

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Are YBIKE bikes and scooters good for kids?

The YBIKE range of products aim to challenge your young ones, encouraging the development of the gross motor-skills needed to start walking or riding a bicycle. Balance is not only essential to your  child’s development, it is also an excellent way for your child to get some exercise, strengthen their muscles and build self-confidence.

Does YBIKE helps to build confidence and coordination?

Yes! With YBIKE, your child is in the driver's seat—literally! Being in control of their own actions instills a sense of security and confidence. Our products empower children to take charge, fostering a safe and enjoyable experience as they manoeuvre and navigate.

What about quality?

With over 20 years of experience, we've been dedicated to using the finest materials to craft durable bikes that stand the test of time. Our commitment to quality extends beyond purchase, providing outstanding support and ensuring our bikes become a cherished part of your family's adventures for generations.

Loved by thousands families Internationally